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Wetskills The Netherlands 2019

by Veerle (The Netherlands), Allyn (South Africa) & Almutamed (Oman)


03 November 2019: Today was all about finishing our paper and poster. After a busy week of working, today was the final day. All the work is done and now it is time to enjoy the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW). 


In the afternoon half of the group practiced their pitches, the other half went to cafe De Balie to watch the movie ‘Thank you for the rain’. 


After the movie, we went to a meet and greet to participant of the AIWW. We got to meet water professionals from all over the world creating a great environment for networking. 












During the the meet and greet we saw a performance by a South African theatrical group creating more awareness about water usage and a few future water leaders were invited for a dinner with the delegates to discuss water challenges. 



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