“Wetskills 2019 Crazy 88 games by young future water leaders”



Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 By Itani (South Africa) & Moza (Oman)


Everything started on a cold Sunday morning where we celebrated a fellow participant’s birthday, Mohammed (Palestine). It was great to see birthday wishes and songs coming from a variety of traditions and languages 😊


Feed a city pigeon
Walk on hands and feet along a dog’s leash


“…creativity, patience, teamwork, communication and thinking out of the box under pressure etc …  are all important for to complete crazy 88…” -Odwa & Ralph (Supervisors)





Later, instructions were given in terms of how the crazy 88 challenge was going to be conducted. Participants were given a bucket list of crazy things to do from eating an insect to taking a picture at the roof top of a public building around Rotterdam and submit within 3 hours. Fast forward to the evening of the day; participants enjoyed some live Jazz music before presenting how everything went down during the “crazy 88 challenge “.


Make a pyramid
Take a picture with Santa Claus




It was all crazy, fun, mind blowing and…  fun!

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