“Work work work work work work (Rihanna’s rythem)”



Wetskills The Netherlands 2019 by Ron (Israel)


Fifth day is here and the real work started!


After four amazing days of getting to know each other, traveling, partying and lots of free time – it’s time to work!. Today’s goal was to prepare an action plan for our case studies. My group was very lucky and we were able to meet with a lab technician related to our project. During the day we met five experts from different fields and conducted a “Brain Hurricane”. 


Experts and participants during the brain hurricane briefing




It’s with no doubt that after two hours with them, the fog started to fade…

After a long day, we were ready to go back to our hostel…


Brain hurricane with teams in progress in BlueCity







While some groups finished submitting their work early, some worked until late in the evening – but one thing is for sure – everyone worked hard to meet the deadline and still be able to grab another beer before the pace started to rise again.





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