Good food and hard work



by Conrad Balzer

After two good days of relaxing and visiting a wastewater treatment and the beautiful wetlands the real work has to begin.







Everybody made a case choice and met their new group members. The groups with a Chinese case owner met them and got some more detailed information about the case and what expectation both sides have. The cases with a Dutch case holder called, skyped, mailed or contacted them in some other way.

After all the new information al the groups could start with their research plan. All the groups where working very hard and worked till late in the evening. The hard work was a good reason to enjoy a good long night of sleep or a cold drink and a little shorter night of sleep because the work has to go on. The day after everybody finished their research plan and got some feedback. That day a whole bunch of people ordered food for lunch so it was an of an on with deliverers. Even the burger king and MacDonald’s deliver here in China so I had to try that of course.

For diner our Chinese Colleague’s took us to an interesting type of restaurant that works with a cooking method and it’s called in English a ‘hot pot’. For the hot pot we got a table with a big hole in the middle where they placed big bowls with different kind of tastes what looked like soup. Next to that we got a whole lot of meat and vegetables that you cooked in the soups, and that tasted very well! But there were some special types of meat that I didn’t liked to try, things like pork brain, intestines of pork and duck and some other strange part of animals that I don’t remember anymore. After this great diner we had thoughts for a new project, launch a hot pot restaurant in the Netherlands. Sounds like a new case for the next Wetskills.

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