Being international @ home



Hi! My name is Shihan Lou, English name is Frances. It is a great honor for me to be as a member of Wetskills this time. The host place is Hangzhou which happens to be my hometown. It is my pleasure to welcome so many foreign friends. And it is also the first time I can use English to communicate in the daily life. With so many people who come from different countries with different cultures, I am really excited to contact the diversity of various cultures.

We were divided into 4 groups to work on different cases. The case of our group is to design a tidal basin, which is a challenge for me since my major is Environmental Engineering which is not so related with the case, but I will try my best to help my teammates! Everyone in our group has his or her ability, which is very helpful. I have learned a lot from everyone in the group. It is really a memorable experience to me.

And we also arrange the second meeting with the case owners to confirm more details on today’s morning. Through the second discussion, we find more things which need to be revised. Although the task is challenging, I believe we can work it out in the end.

In the upcoming days, we are going to the Aquatech Conference and Exhibition in Shanghai. Believe everyone is eagerly looking forward to the visiting. Wish us good luck and finish the pitch successfully!

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