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By Jieni Feng (Jessica)


The first time I join the team of other countries in the school to play together to complete the case, there are several small partners in the Hohai and Wuhan, and it is a very pleasant experience to get along with them. It is an unforgettable experience.

Friends from Netherlands like to eat Teaching building’s sandwiches and drinks on the ground floor. They say they can use “perfect” to describe. Take them to the China Mobile Business Office to organize a mobile phone card and take them on a bicycle. In their opinion, the bicycles in China are so small that riding a path along the river feels that they have returned to their hometown.

These days we are in the same classroom, discussing cases together, talking about their lives together, feeling that they are new to many things in China, and I also learned that some Dutch and Chinese are not the same place, and Ioana and Marcel have been with us, arranged things, and provided our case with some good advice. There are still days behind me and I will go to Shanghai together. I believe that we will be more happy later. We will have a lot of foreign friends after joining wetskills. I will always keep in mind and welcome to come to China again.

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