Many hands make light work



By Yuan Kong

I am a postgraduate majoring in environmental engineering at Zhejiang University of Technology. I was pretty excited when I heard that Wetskills would come to our school. As for me, I didn’t have such opportunities before so I really want to participate in this kind of team, so that I can learn a lot of specialized knowledge as well as make friends with foreigners.

In the past two days, we spent a pleasant and fulfilling time with our Dutch friends. Yesterday, we were divided to four groups with different cases. Joris, Alvin, Sylvia and I are in one group.

Our case is to research how can we use the existing aquifer capacity for both renewable energy and irrigation water in a harmonious way. It is not only an interesting case but also completely new filed and full of challenges for me. It’s quiet happy working with my partners who are full of patience, imagination and energy. What gives me confident  and brave enough is their patience and encouragement. After two days’ work, our group

has separated the main-question to some sub-questions effectively and today every group has made

a plan for the next step and discussed them, which has made us more clearly about the further research of the case. The discussion was just so intense hat we forgot to get lunch. We Chinese helped our Dutch friends to order takeaways. I hold the view that it will be one of the most impressive meals they have had in the past few days.



After the whole day’s work, we went for hotpot together. I believe everyone has been falling in love with hotpot!

We will have a pitch & poster training tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to the new day full of challenges and hope!


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