Wetskills China 2018 opened with a splash



Wetskills China 2018

Edition 30

Today edition number 30 brings Wetskills back to the roots, back to China where the first edition was also held: Hangzhou. Again hosted by Zhejiang University of Technology and Science. 4 totally different challenges require a broad ranges of studies. This time 9 Chinese students from several Chinese universities and 8 students from Dutch Universities come together to meet the challenges


Flying in from The Netherlands proved to be difficult. Delays and cancellations for some, but in the end everyone was there for the startup. At least the one we planned for…. It proves to be quite difficult to pay with cards at hotels. So heaps of money need to be dragged from ATM to hotel (and back again to the bank I reckon). So after some tests in patience, we set off to the University grounds to explore a green campus in the spring mist. We get weird lunch items like meat floss on bread or tofu pizza. We do the intro Wetskills and move on to yet another ATM to get the next stash to pay off the hotel.


All set for tomorrow’s big teambuilding day with water related visits. We can have a bit of dinner and try out eating with chopsticks. After experiencing some great road and subway infrastructure here in Hangzhou, we gathered (with thousands of others) at the banks of West Lake. There is a music fountain spectacle to watch. Apparently a daily water spectacle with lights & music and dragon boats in the background. On the far bank, where the newer boats with red, blue, green alternating lights are passing by, a ‘broken bridge’ reminding of ancient tale.  It tells of a white snake living in the lake. It transformed into a young woman who fell in love with a handsome man she met on the bridge. They lived happily together for many years but a Buddhist monk turned the woman back into a snake and she disappeared near the bridge where they first met.

Wonder what tomorrow brings. This was a good first day all in all. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves already.

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