Wetskills Hungary 2019

Final day of preparation

Wetskills Hungary 2019 – by Balázs Day of final preparation. This day, all 3 groups still had some time to finish their cases. Posters, pitches and memos were completed for…
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The Brain Hurricane

Wetskills Hungary 2019 – by Ramón Kreka The day of the Brain Hurricane has just come. We met early in the morning in front of the beautiful main building of…
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The third day of Wetskills – Visit WWTP

Wetskills Hungary 2019 – by Evelin Németh After a really eventful weekend we was going to Csepel Island where located the Waste Water Treatment Plant from Budapest Waterworks. I would…
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Waste Water Works

Wetskills Hungary 2019 – by Bogi – Today we visited the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Csepel Island with WETSKILLS team. We had an amazing guide with Enikő Szabolcsi,…
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The Wicked Wetskills Weblog

Wetskills Hungary 2019 – By Berend – The Wicked Wetskills Weblog: 5 october afternoon And crazy it was! We split up in three groups -the groups that will work together…
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