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Wetskills Hungary 2019 – By Berend – The Wicked Wetskills Weblog: 5 october afternoon And crazy it was! We split up in three groups -the groups that will work together on their designated case for the coming two weeks. So this assignment was the first test-case to show that we are capable of working together as a team and show what we are worth. Each group was given 88 challenges; 44 to be fulfilled in Buda and 44 in Pest. The team that completed most challenges in time was the winner of this assignment. But those challenges weren’t that easy…. You see, we are all very intelligent, clever people who are able to design a wastewater system, build a bridge and calculate groundwater flow. But now we had to brush the teeth of a stranger, buy a child and shave the legs of a man! Nevertheless all teams tried their very best and started walking through the city figuring out how to complete as many challenges as possible. We used all our enthusiasm, creativity and charm to bring our group the points that we needed. In this way we explored and enjoyed the beautiful city of Budapest, and we had the chance to get to know each other. At the end of the day all groups gathered at a typical Hungarian restaurant. Marcel was waiting there for us; apparently he spent the whole day receiving and checking our Facebook posts while enjoying a drink at the bar. After announcing the winner, we enjoyed a nice meal, starting with a delicious palinka. A great kick-off of this Wetskills Hungary event and we are curious to see what’s next!

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