AfriAlliance and Wetskills foster a community of YWPs



AfriAlliance and Wetskills signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on fostering a community of talented young water management professionals from Africa and Europe (Delft, 9 April 2019).

AfriAlliance and Wetskills represent initiatives that have a mission to help solve water challenges. Both parties are dedicated to strengthening and integrating young talent within the water sector and promote cooperation, co-creation and knowledge sharing on water and climate actions. They aim to generate joint initiatives in order showcase local African case studies where international and local students can co-create solutions to local problems.

One of the examples is to initiate more Wetskills events in Africa. Also trying to involve European and African candidates for the events in Europe (like Romania and The Netherlands this year) and Africa, but also students from IHE Delft. Wetskills regularly organised events in South(ern) Africa. Next event on the planning is Wetskills-South Africa 2020 in Sandton/Johannesburg.

Wetskills will also promote events from AfriAlliance in its networks, like the one in South Africa. A first example is to involve Wetskills’ network in a next event of AfriAlliance in Cape Town (15 May 2019): 2nd AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event. More information:

More information: Johan Oost


The signing ceremony included AfriAlliance Project Director Dr. Uta Wehn and Wetskills Foundation Managing Director Mr. Johan Oost. 

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