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Last months Wetskills Foundation and Dutch Wave Makers (DWM), both part of Human Capital Agenda, regularly meet to discuss strengthening cooperation on potential events to create more awareness of water, sustainability and climate challenges under young generations world-wide and energise international talents to join and stay in the broader water sector. DWM brings top athletes and water awareness to youth together and with students and young professionals as ‘WaveMakers’ they create a larger reach-out. Some Wetskills Alumni are also so-called ‘WaveMakers’: bringing the water-message to grammar and secondary scholars.

The discussions resulted in a combined effort during the towards the Olympics in Japan and WorldExpo 2020 in Dubai, but also the follow-up of cases (DWM formulated one of the Wetskills cases during Wetskills-China 2019 about Waste-Free schools and attracted three students as WaveMakers of the Zeeland University of Applied Sciences to join the event). Coming years Wetskills Foundation will support DWM to create more ‘WaveMakers’ worldwide, create great events worldwide (like the Olympics in Japan) and also with the implementation of Waste-Free schools using Wetskills’, ideas, events and Business, Academic & Alumni network.

Wetskills Foundation is looking forward to the results coming years! #TalentforWater

About Dutch Wavemakers

To appreciate the value of water, to handle the related risks and opportunities and to work towards a sustainable future, it is crucial to recognize the potential impact of water and energy on our daily lives. Dutch Wavemakers is an initiative of The Netherlands with a mission to increase water and energy awareness around the world. Moreover, Dutch Wavemakers want to spark the conversation about Human Capital. We need excellent water- and energy related educuation to inspire a new generation of professionals whom are equipped to address future water- and energy challenges.

The Dutch Wavemaker program builds a community of young water & energy ambassadors with a range of partners. These ambassadors – the Dutch and international Wavemakers – are specially trained water sport talents and students who study water- and energy related topics at Dutch institutes for higher education. Together they are eager to inspire a new generation and making them enthusiastic for topics and questions in the area of water and energy by means of hands-on education and engaging discussion with involved stakeholders. Their mission is supporter by the Dutch government through a partnership with the ‘Topsector Water’ Human Capital Agenda, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Affairs. The Dutch Wavemakers is a program of the Centre of Expertise Water & Energy.

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