Watch the online Intergeneration Dialogue session in Budapest

Wetskills and partners organized a Workshop Inspiring Wetskills Practices on Liveable Rivers for a Green Economy, stimulating an Intergenerational Dialogue at the Ökoindustria Conference in Budapest, Hungary. Watch the workshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNJLFI-RbyU: Keynote: Ap Verheggen about SunGlacier 6 pitches of young talents 3 guests from Hungary and Romania Panel discussion on the value of Intergenerational Dialogue Join our next event in Hungary: Wetskills-Hungary 2021!!  ...

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Inspiring Wetskills Practices for Climate Adaptation

WATCH TOMORROW OR ON MONDAY 25-01! Wetskills will contribute with the (prerecorded) Workshop - Inspiring Wetskills Practices for Climate Adaptation to the Youth for Climate Adaptation (YFCA). Watch and register here. This workshop is part of the Water Action Hub of the Climate Adaptation Summit (25 January 2021) NOTE: this workshop will also be dispayed at the Water Adapatation Summit next Monday (25 January 2021, from 13.00 CEST onwards) NOTE 2: Wetskills and partners also have another contribution to the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021: Finals & Awarding W@tskills-India 2021 (also displayed on 25 January 2021, from 13.00 CEST onwards) Watch here. About this workshop: Wetskills Foundation and some of its Alumni will present and discuss some inspiring out-of-the-box ideas with a focus on Climate Adaptation and the role of water. Some representatives from over the world of the teams that co-created these ideas will present the ideas within a two-minutes pitch. Three recognized experts in...

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Participants about experiences Wetskills-The Netherlands 2019

What did participants of Wetskills in The Netherlands tell about their experiences??   Movie: an interview with Itani Ndwambi (Department for Water & Sanitation of South Africa): .   Ron Mannheim (Technion, Israel): 'The Wetskills challenge was a vivid creation of a bridge between different people from different cultures sharing the same goal - making this planet a better place. It was a clear proof of the power of diversity, collaboration, and tolerance for other opinions - when involved in a common goal such as mutual development of unique solutions for complex problems. Thank you everyone for an amazing two weeks and for one of the most developing, interesting and fun experiences I had! I loved every moment of it! #NLWetskills2019 #Wetskills #AIWW2019'...

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A day in a community lounge at KIST

Wetskills South Korea 2019 -  by Qayyum Adil (Seoul National University) Today, I woke up with a thought in my mind that who are going to be my teammates and on what case I will be working on for the coming days. It all started at 9:00 am in the community lounge of the Korean institute of the science and technology. Everyone was very excited after the first day of the program. They were very interested in knowing the groups and the team members. So after the morning greetings with the supervisors, teams of 5 cases with 4 members in each were announced. The first session was for brainstorming, groups worked on understanding the cases and on the possible questions that they will be asking the experts in the later session (Brainhurricane). At the end of this first session, our group decided to go to a nice restaurant few blocks away from the community...

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Professor Bica (Romania): from feeling resistant towards Wetskills to becoming a fan

Ioan Bica, is professor in Hydraulics at Technical University of Civil Engineering, of Bucharest Romania. When he heard for the first time about the Wetskills concept, he felt a small resistance, thinking that two weeks are not enough for a such project. However: during the first Wetskills Water Challenged in Romania in 2013, he changed his mind. In 2017 he was involved for the third time in a Romanian Wetskills Challenge. ‘This multicultural collaboration is important for students, for universities, for companies and for our joint future.’   Getting to know Wetskills Professor Bica: ‘When Wetskills came to Bucharest in 2013, I coordinated the students of Romanian Universities. On the first day of my first Wetskills Challenge, I was an expert during the Brain Hurricane. The mixed Dutch-Romanian teams with different educational backgrounds consulted me to gather relevant information for their cases. Based on this information they could developed their solutions.’   Positive surprise Professor...

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Deadlines applications approaching

Some of the deadlines for applying as participants are coming week. Hurry-up if you want to join! The deadline of application for Wetskills-Iran is 9 September The early bird registration (discount of 50 euros!) of Wetskills-India 2017 is 15 September. See the announcements on this website and leaflet upcoming events in 2016-2017...

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My Birthday in India

blog#3, 29 November – by Maarten Klaversteijn (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences)

I woke up at 6:30 AM and felt quite tired because we arrived the day before in Ahmedabad at 10 am. We already had a long day after the back full of being shown around the campus of CEE and exploring the city. Me and my fellow classmates, both mechanical engineers travelled to New Delhi a few days before the Wetskills kickoff.