Let stress out playing baseball!



Wetskills South Korea 2022-

By Dongmin Lee, Sejong University


Today, Saturday was literally a working day. Just Working, discussing, writing, and working… Everybody looks tired, but the workshop was animated by their passion.


All team members were working hard now!


Today’s plan was to make a poster. Our team held a small contest to set the content of the poster. So, we wrote each thoughts about the Introduction of the poster on the white board.  After 10 minutes of starting the small contest, we had time to pitch and discuss our thoughts. It is interesting for me that the points each considered important were different although we are doing the same project together. I was happy that Lucia liked my opinion of the poster discussing each introduction of the poster.


For lunch, Robin, Jin, Ju and I were going to eat pork cutlet actually, but the restaurant was closed. So, we visited a Korean style hamburger shop. The name of the shop is ‘TTANG TTANG”. The pronunciation is not “t-tang, t-tang”, but “ddang ddang”. However, it was a fast food restaurant. It took a long time for the food to come out. We were in a hurry to go to the room on time. In the afternoon, we had more time to discuss some content of the poster.


After today’s workshop, We were going to eat Korean BBQ near Konkuk univ. We tried to eat another Korean BBQ, called “Yangnyeom Galbi” (seasoned ribs). Foreign participants said that they had never tried Korean seasoned ribs. I think it was a good experience for them to try new Korean food.


We were reaching the highlight of tonight. We visited an indoor baseball playground! I was a team with Robin and the opposing team members were Floor (participant), Jen and Floor (supervisor). While playing baseball, I found some interesting facts that Robin and I are left-handed and the opposing team members are right-handed. Hahaha! We reduced stress playing baseball and came back home happily. 

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