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Wetskills South Korea 2022-

By Evandi Rahman, KIST


“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart” 

~Marcus Aurelius~


8 A.M on Monday and Rainy day. Perfect to make ya down..Moreover, the subway was so crazy!! (Pic. 1). I just wondering how amazing the human being is. They can squeeze and fit their body in the very small space. After surviving in some period of time, the subway lady announced” Children Grand Park Station, Sejong University” finally. It was time for my wife (May) and I to get out from that apocalypse. And let’s start the 9th day of Wetskills program…

As usual, briefing and continue preparing the presentation. Slow start but for sure…we need something to burn our spirit from the inside. And as the answer, we had………….

It was quite spicy though, but that was actually we need. Ratna even said that “It is rainy outside, but we are burning inside” (At the first time, I thought it can be a dope title of this blog). Anyway, thank you for an idea friend!!


“Pam…pamm..pammm” (drum rolls sound) Time to pitch and present our work  Everyteams showed so much enthusiasm! They really wanted to tell the others what they’ve been done for the past few days. Personally, I was impressed with the pitchers. They were creative and confident to carry out their pitch in 2 minutes. I expected that we will have a great pitch battle on Wednesday. 


Team 1
Team 2
Team 3


2 hours was just passing by. Airconditioner was turned off right at 5 P.M.


We decided to go home directly. Took a little long rest!! Had a bowl of ramen to close the day.


What a day!!


 I hope you are enjoy the updates!


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