Salam Alykom, Marhaba, Hi, Hello, hello hoe gaat het



Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022 – 

by Raghad Khader Rajabi (Hebron University)


All of those words are greeting words when u have different people from different cultures, all of us want to learn how to say the main words for greeting the main words they need from others. This is how we start our day on Saturday 27-8-2022.


First, of all I would like to tell you who I am.
I am Raghad Rajabi from Hebron university. My bachelor’s is in food processing and nutrition. My MSc degree is in food processing. I am working in a quality assurance bottled water plant. and I am excited about the water sector and solving its issue.

Wetskills is good chance for us to learn a lot from each other.


In the first day of working, we are go through team building  with building corporate strategy to improve relations and productivity in the workplace as it helps us as colleagues bond with one another and work together towards a common goal through communication, trust, and patience.

The organizer Announce the case for each group. I am so excited for the rest of the days and to work in the team and we thank the coordinators for their support and understanding and the kind constant help.


I loved the atmosphere among all the colleagues and the beautiful conversations that spread the spirit of competition and encouragement to work even in the evening


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