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Wetskills-USA 2023, by Ayanda Tsitsa – This morning started fairly rough with submissions for the paper and mock presentations due in the morning. Every team was up and ready to grab the Wall Street bull by the horn! not literally and for some participants that kick of caffeine from the Starbucks Tower kept things moving *not a paid promotion. It started sinking in that only one more deliverable was due from everything we gathered from the long, thought provoking and fun week filled with lots of lessons and realizations. Participants seemed to get the idea by Zig Zaglar that “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile” even after the mock presentations the ‘subway’ was still running! Personally, I had an opportunity to really reflect on the New and improved skill set that I will leave New York with and the contribution I will have to the Wetskills network as an alumni.

Despite the cold evenings in New York! A trip to Brooklyn Bridge is one that no one would ever want to miss. Perhaps everyone needed to get some fresh air before the Finals just to think and reflect! The best realization being that souvenirs are cheaper at the entrance of the bridge and become more expensive as you walk towards the center. Not a paid promotion either!


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