Reflection Wetskills Team member Loay



Loay Alatrash (Wetskills Team member, World Waternet and Young Expert Programme, Palestine)

Different cultures, several religions, divers group for one goal, Innovation solutions for more clean water. Ten days in New York means a lot, how it will be if you participate in Wetskills also. Seven nationalities existed in NYC, worked together in such an amazing event, five cases to solve and find out of the box solutions for it. The kick-off of the event started team building and the participants had a lot of fun together and they knew each other more after the crazy games.

Then, the hard work started and the supervisor used the beginning of the days to make training courses, and guide the participants to their cases and facilitate all the things behind the event. The event had a healthy environment with team work, a lot of passion, and hard work.

20th of March, the final moment where the participants will present their cases, high stress, nervous moment but still with a lot of confidence. Each team pitched their ideas for the audience and the juris and then went to the posters to see the fruit of their works.

The final moment, the announcement all the team wait for that and looking for their results…… One moment, the reality is all the teams are winners, all of them have great ideas and solve one problem for one community at least. So it’s not important who is the winner, all teams are winners.

The youth can make a change, this is what I believe as a Wetskills Team member.

Waiting for you soon in the coming events of Wetskills.


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