Our project is like making a smoothie



Wetskills-USA 2023, by Daan Bood (Civil technical Advisor, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier)

Our team started our project by researching ways to address the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. The idea of the case-owners (who are participating online)  was to explore the possibility of creating water distribution pipes made from recycled plastic. The case owners already had an initial idea, but it was up to us to optimize, test the feasibility and marketability of the concept.

Today we worked hard as a team, and after some trial and error, we were able to create a viable product. We explored different options, built prototypes, and presented our ideas to our mentors and other participants. In the end, we managed to come up with a solid business case and determine the feasibility of our concept.

It was a great experience to work on a real-world challenge in the water sector, and I’m proud that we were able to make a contribution towards solving the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans.

To sum it up, I would say that our project was like making a smoothie. We started with a bunch of raw ingredients, experimented with different flavors, and eventually came up with a delicious and healthy drink that everyone loved!

All in all, my time with Wetskills New York is an incredible experience, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. It was not only a great opportunity to learn about the water sector and the challenges we face, but also to connect with other passionate and talented individuals from around the world.

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