South Africa

Ashton Busani Mpofu

Dr Ashton Busani Mpofu is an experienced chemical engineer with more than a decade of experience across diverse fields, including market intelligence, consultancy, intellectual property (IP) law, commercialisation, research and…
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Afika Ndlela

South Africa is a water-scarce country with limited freshwater resources, exacerbated by irregular rainfall patterns, droughts, and climate change impacts. Water scarcity affects both urban and rural areas, leading to…
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Karabo Thato Mokoena

Water challenges are boundless to discipline, culture, or location. Wetskills Water Challenges provides a transdisciplinary approach to water challenges by connecting a diverse group of individuals which results in sustainable…
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Craig Tinashe Tanyanyiwa

Wetskills presents an opportunity to network and create new friendships and partnerships while tackling real-life water problems. My experience as a past participant was exciting and I am looking forward…
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Odwa Mtembu

Wetskills is more than just a foundation and competition: it is a global network and an opportunity for young people from different disciplines to develop sustainable and scalable innovative solutions.

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