Case study visit: Groundwater salinization



blog Wetskills-India 6 January – by Purvesh Rajpurohit  (Silver Oak College)

As the salinity ingress is the biggest problem in coastal area and government is working on this problem since 1970.

Non-governmental organizations namely CSPC (Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell) under Tata Trust.

It is also effectively involed in fight against salinity ingress in groundwater. Today, 6th Jan 2017 our group had a visit to the one of the office of CSPC TATA TRUST. Their we met to the officials and had discuss about the each an every aspects about the problem and had known the what work they have been conducting about the salinity ingress. We had collected many datas from there and now we are much more confident about our case soon we will reach to an effective and sustainable solution for the pain which is ruining the lifes of coastal region.

Case 1: sustainable measures against groundwater salinization in the coastal area of Gujarat,India. case owner: World Waternet

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