Case visit day: Rain harvesting



blog Wetskills-India 6 January – by Peter van Leeuwen (Wageningen University)

On Friday the 6th of January we went the Silver Oak campus to get an impression of the area and to discuss our first ideas with several representatives of the partner organisation. 

Group 3 has been asked by Silver Oak College to set up a design for rainwater harvesting at their campus in Ahmedabad. We have decided to go a step further. Our vision is to make Silver Oak a frontrunner for rainwater harvesting in Ahmedabad. We propose an exposure site for different techniques for rainwater harvesting in the whole chain: collection, filtering and storage.

With the four of us, we discussed our mission, vision and goals as well as, different techniques that can be used in different stadia to make Silver Oak College a frontrunner. Furthermore we got a tour over the campus, we took measurements of several objects on the campus, we interviewed canteen employees and looked at which areas are suitable for rainwater harvesting. Furthermore Jasper and Peter gave a short course to about 50 Indian students about water management in the Netherlands and Jayraj gave his vision about working outside the box.


It was a very useful day!


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