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W@tskills-South Africa 2021 has kicked-off!  

The second online Wetskills edition started on 25 February in the morning. His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to South Africa, Mr. Han Peters, opened this fifth Wetskills edition in South Africa and welcomed the participants. The Dutch Embassy is supporting many Capacity Building and Young Professionals engagement project on Water & Sustainability in Southern Africa. He stated the importance to involve and integrate Young Professionals in the sector and actively listen and discuss their ideas to bring the sector forward. Ms. Verena Meyer, Director of the Learning Academy in the Department of Water and Sanitation South Africa, welcomed the participants as well. DWS is the co-organizer of this online event and previous Wetskills events in South Africa. DWS makes possible the participation of many South African participants to events in Southern Africa, but also in Europe for example. Johan Oost, managing director Wetskills Foundation introduced the Wetskills...

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And the winner W@tskills-India 2021:

[Watch the W@tskills-India 2021: Finals & Awarding] Team ‘Aqua Bankers’ won the first fully online W@tskills event. This event focused on Climate Adaptation and the role of Water in various parts India. With the concept ‘Serve to Conserve’ the team co-cocreated an out-of-the-box concept based on Water as Leverage for clean rivers in India. Team representatives Vivek V.S. (Kerala, India) and Drashti Oza (Gujarat, India) were exited: ‘It was an amazing journey. Everybody worked really hard and it was not easy to coordinate with different timelines. We met a lot of experts, who shoed really interest in our topic. It was an amazing place and opportunity.’ Watch the Pitch of team member Sanziana Bituleanu (Romania). Other team members: Sofi Azilan (Indonesia), Sameeran Purofit (Gujarat, India) and Vignesh Kesavan (Tamil Nadu, India).   The jury panel of W@tskills-India 2021 consisted of chair Kartikeya Sarabhai, Centre of Environment Education (India), Eustathia Bofilatos, Department of Water & Sanitation...

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And the winner is?? W@tskills-India 2021

And the winning team is?? Watch online Finals & Awarding of W@tskills-India 2021 Monday 25 January from 13.00 CEST onwards From 2-13 January the first fully online Wetskills (or: W@tskills) event took place. The event had a focus on Climate Adaptation in India. 28 Indian and international participants joined online every day. And on 25 January you can watch the Finals & Awarding as prerecorded side event for the Water Action Hub of the Climate Adaptation Summit (online). Find the cases and posters at the event page. As a regular Wetskills finals event, the teams pitch the out-of-the-box ideas to an international jury panel. They decide the winning team. Extra keynote addresses: Adriana Valenzuela Jimenez (Youth Leadership at Global Center on Adaptation) and Bharat Jain (Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre). The Water Action Hub (organized by Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of The Netherlands) requested Wetskills Foundation with its Indian partner Centre for Environment Education to organize this event and bring-in young talents...

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Inspiring Wetskills Practices for Climate Adaptation

WATCH TOMORROW OR ON MONDAY 25-01! Wetskills will contribute with the (prerecorded) Workshop - Inspiring Wetskills Practices for Climate Adaptation to the Youth for Climate Adaptation (YFCA). Watch and register here. This workshop is part of the Water Action Hub of the Climate Adaptation Summit (25 January 2021) NOTE: this workshop will also be dispayed at the Water Adapatation Summit next Monday (25 January 2021, from 13.00 CEST onwards) NOTE 2: Wetskills and partners also have another contribution to the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021: Finals & Awarding W@tskills-India 2021 (also displayed on 25 January 2021, from 13.00 CEST onwards) Watch here. About this workshop: Wetskills Foundation and some of its Alumni will present and discuss some inspiring out-of-the-box ideas with a focus on Climate Adaptation and the role of water. Some representatives from over the world of the teams that co-created these ideas will present the ideas within a two-minutes pitch. Three recognized experts in...

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Photographer Supratim Bhattacharjee Wetskills Ambassador

One of the keynote speakers during W@tskills-India 2021 was Environmental Photographer and Story-teller Supratim Bhattacharjee from India. He spoke about his projects The Curse of Coal and Sinking Sundarban and his experiences on Climate Change and Adaptation in India. All cases of W@tskills-India 2021 had a link to the pictures of Supratim. After his keynote Supratim was enthusiastic to continue the cooperation and become Ambassador of our programme. Go to his website and go through his confronting and real-life pictures. Short BIO Supratim Bhattacharjee was born in Baruipur near Kolkata. Socio-economic crisis, environmental issues form a part of his interest since his school days. After completing graduation he started working in film production houses of Mumbai holding the post of production professional for 5 years. Later he left his job for concentrated on creating photo stories of the socio-economic crisis, human rights and environmental issues of the subcontinent and bring them in front of...

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