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Wetskills Ambassador: Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai (India)

During the Finals of Wetskills-India 2017, Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai, director of Centre for Environment Education was appointed as Wetskills' international ambassador. Machtelijn and Johan welcomed him by giving him the Wetskilda statue made in South Africa. (Interesting to say is that this hand-made statue was produced in Durban, the city where Ghandi lived for several years before returning to India). "It is second time that we have collaborated with Wetskills. I believe the initiative provides an excellent platform for the young. It's takeaways can also be applied for the Smart Cities initiative of the Government of India" Sarabhai said on the collaboration (source: Times of India). Johan explains Wetskills' choice to ask Mr. Sarabhai: "For Wetskills the focus is on diversity in the teams during our events. Why not in our team of Ambassadors? That is why we strived to have an international Ambassador, who is warmhearted to our programme. Mr....

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Wetskills supports breakthrough: the solution for drought problems worldwide

Is it a coincidence that the world drought map shows is almost similar to the world heat map? Climate artist and Wetskills ambassador Ap Verheggen doesn't think so. His idea: warm air contains a lot of water. Why then not use sunshine to get water out of it? In 2016 he designed and built a device, based on solar energy that extracted water from the air. Costs: €17.000,-. Today Verheggen presents the next version of this device. It functions on solar energy only. Costs...

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Back to Ahmedabad: read the blogs

Happy, inspiring and healthy 2017 to all. We started early this year. Already 2 January 2017, the second edition of Wetskills-India has started. After 13 months Wetskills came back to Center of Environment Education in Ahmedabad (read the 2015 story here). This time 10 Indian and 10 Dutch students / YWP will work in 5 mixed teams at cases provided by Indian and Dutch partners, see event page. This time the finals will be organized during the Vibrant Gujarat in Ghandinagar, just (half) an hour drive from Ahmedabad. This will be at 12 January in the morning. Follow Wetskills-India 2017 with the daily blogs....

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Agreement third Wetskills in Bucharest

Last week Johan Oost visited Bucharest to sign the agreement to organise the third Wetskills Water Challenge in Romania. The partners Politehnica University of Bucharest, Technical University for Civil Engineering of Bucharest and Romanian Water Association are delighted to organise the next Wetskills edition in Romania. This partnership is in close cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest. Wetskills Foundation and both universities also discussed other opportunities for cooperation, like WetsNext opportunities. The next Wetskills-Romania is from 4 to 18 May 2017 and the finals will be held during the ExpoApa. The partners organised the first edition in 2013 (see: LINK ), resulting in an enthusiastic next edition in 2015 and thus 2017. To come in the mood, see the 2013 movie. Are you interested to join this event as participant? We are looking for Bachelor (final year), Master and PhD students as well as Fresh graduates: Sign up for the great Wetskills edition on our...

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Feasibility of illUVia concept in South Africa (WetsNext)

by Jessica de Koning (Master student University of Utrecht, WetsNext illUVia project)   [note: This WetsNext illUVia project is a follow-up of a Wetskills-South Africa 2016 case. One of the participants (Jessica) came up with a plan to do a feasibility study together with the case owner Berson UV, a local entrepreneur Blue Nickel and Wetskills Foundation.]   Yesterday, I officially started my internship at Blue Nickel, where Jeremy Tucker, my supervisor and main partner for the project works. The guys at the office in Centurion (near Pretoria) gave me a warm welcome. I am the only girl in the office, and (besides Jeremy) the only one who is working on a water and sanitation project like ours. The others work on process control, mostly for mines, which is what Blue Nickel is specialized in.   Yesterday, Jeremy and I discussed how we are going to proceed the following weeks. As priorities, we identified 1) further research concerning the features of...

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