Case Owner

Loay Alatrash

Since childhood, learning by sharing has been my way to learn. Through Wetskills, I learned by meeting and sharing with different cultures, multidisciplinary, diverse races, religions, and gender.
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Frank Tibben

International, intercultural & interdisciplinary, that is Wetskills; a unique challenge out of your comfort zone.
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Quirine van der Meer

I participated Wetskills as participant and case owner. It is an amazing experience for participants, but also valuable for innovation and networking for organizations.
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Jaap Feil

Wetskills combines the energy of cooperation and young talent. This energy generates beautiful results. The energy drives me to help Wetskills now and in the future.
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Peter Jansen

World wide water related problems cannot be solved by talking only. Less conversation and more action. Join us now and be part of a water revolution!
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Marco Schouten

Wetskills brings out the youth to blossom, to your event, in your organisation, and in every individual participating.
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Floris Boogaard

As a professor in applied science I try to combine the worlds of international research, education & entrepreneurship; Wetskills is a unique challenge that accomplishes this.”
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