Weekend Work on Cases

Wetskills-Mozambique – Blog day 9 – Update session with the trainers at the hostel (Residencial Aulios) The day started well for participants with breakfast served at hostel from 6h30am throughout…
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NBS in the Green Infrastructure Park

Wetskills-Mozambique – Blog day 7 – Today we started the day with an essential training on how to make an effective pitch, known as the elevator pitch. We learnt the…
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The Business Model Canvas

Wetskills-Mozambique – Blog day 6 – This Thursday morning in Beira is bathed in golden sunlight, with the birds chirping outside, promising a day full of potential and productivity. We…
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Feeling the heat

Wetskills-Mozambique – Blog day 5 – Today, an Action Plan Discussion and Training Belbin Team Roles was scheduled. At 8:45, the group from Wetskills Mozambique left the Aulios Residence, where…
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Meeting officials and case owners

Wetskills-Mozambique, Blog day 4 – After three days of fun activities and interesting tours around Gorongosa National Park and the water treatment plant, today is a serious day. First of…
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Trip to Gorongosa National Park

Wetskills-Mozambique – Blog day 2 – We travelled to Gorongosa National Park with 23 participants of the Wetskills challenge. We were excited to arrive at the park where were welcomed…
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Arrival at Beira

Wetskills-Mozambique – Blog day 1 – On the 13th of July 2024, we arrived in Beira. I was engulfed by the city’s warm weather as soon as we landed. It…
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WISA and the Finals

Wetskills-Durban 2024 – Blog Day 11 – by; Kgadi Makgakga Wetskills 24 Durban participants left the Hostel at 8am to WISA conference. Openings were done by Minister of Water and…
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