Supratim Bhattacharjee

Supratim Bhattacharjee was born in Baruipur near Kolkata. Socio-economic crisis, environmental issues form a part of his interest since his school days. After completing graduation, he started working in film production houses of Mumbai holding the post of production professional for 5 years. Later he left his job for concentrated on creating photo stories of the socio-economic crisis, human rights and environmental issues of the subcontinent and bring them in front of the global audience. Currently, for his projects, he has to make frequent visits to Bangladesh, Nepal and several parts of India as he is a long term in-depth visual storyteller whose projects have been appreciated globally. Further, he has plans to represent the gruesome realities of human life in the South Asian Countries with utmost honesty, maintaining the dignity of the human race. Find his photos on:

Organisation: Freelance Photographer
Country: India


Supratim Bhattacharjee

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