Ap Verheggen

‘Dare to dream about making the impossible possible.’ Ap Verheggen is an extraordinarily creative artist in a myriad of media. He makes sculptures, designs objects, writes and produces documentary films. His projects Cool(E)motion and SunGlacier added value in the discussion about climate change. Instead of ‘naming, blaming and shaming’, Ap wants to add a positive focus. ‘Our climate is changing very rapidly, so extra fast response is required.’ Ap: ‘I feel connected to Wetskills, because Wetskills stimulates young people to think out of the box. These people dare to dream and to innovate. They combine creativity and expertise to come to projects in a similar way as I do. SunGlacier: In this project me and my team push the boundaries of what is technically and scientifically feasible. Is it strange to believe that we could create a glacier in the desert? I am fascinated by the prospect of building a large sculpture in the hot desert that can produce icicles on its own. www.sunglacier.nl

Organisation: SunGlacier
Country: The Netherlands


Ap Verheggen

Wetskills Ambassador

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