28.10.2015 – Wetskills water challenge



By Hadas, Technion university in Haifa, Israel

We start the day in busy bus, and after long waiting we got metro line 51 that help us understanding bather how sardines live. Unfortunately 3 members not received to fill the sardines’ experience, because they miss the line. Don’t worry! The end was goodJ and we meet theme at the last station.

Today we divided to a two gropes, one lucky and the other luckier… During that groups No. 2,3 & 4 were working on their cases on  VU Amsterdam, groups 1 & 5 visit at chess pharm. Now, please guess who was luckier? Well… I was lucky, that I visited Clara Maria Cheese farm. It was amazing, after an interesting explanation about preparing cheese process, we have an amazing experienced by proceed cheese by ourselves. The owner of the farm entertained us amazingly with variety kind of cheeses and delicious apple pie besid e coffee and tea.  Then we toured in the farm, learning about the cowshed Challenges. We ended our visit by preparing traditional Dutch wooden shoe and shopping in the gift shop of the farm. In summary, an amazing experienceJJJ






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