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Wetskills-Egypt 2024 – Blog day 3 –

Yesterday we went to the Arab Academy in Alexandria to be introduced with four urgent water related cases that Egypt currently faces. Each case has an owner which can be a ministry, NGO or non-profit organization. My group and I are connected to a case that funds a project to empower the community of Marsa Matruh in Water management. The city lies in a very arid region at the west-coast of Egypt. Our group consists of members with various backgrounds and studies/occupations which makes some parts challenging but in my opinion highly improves the quality of our results so far.

Now off to the important part: we’ve had the best seafood together with the entire Wetskills group: sardines, calamari, fresh fish, salads, tajin, very fresh, very good. Sunrise, good people, say no more. Instead of lunch we went for a tea at a nice coffeeshop just outside the campus to clear our minds and chill out for a second. And we did just the same after dinner, where we had the sweetest Frappuccino ever made by mankind.

An anecdote to finish off: I told Eslam that I went to the Louvre earlier this year and that I was surprised about the amount of ancient Egyptian art. While discussing the nature of the deal/theft back in the days he threw the best one-liner of the day: If the pyramids would not have been so heavy, Napoleon would have probably stolen them too.

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