Visit GUtech & Design of Ecological houses



Wetskills-Oman 2024 – Day 4 – Visit GUtech – On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, a visit was made to the German University in Muscat.

This visit included learning about the design of ecological houses and how they are designed in terms of exterior design and environmental building materials in a state simulating what the Omani ancestors used in building houses to provide the appropriate climate and reduce energy, as well as nano-painting materials. The modern one contributes to the same thing, as an internal foundation made from recycled paper materials was used.

The other aspect of the visit was the smart homes that were built using 3D printing technology, as a future vision for the speed of construction and development of the country.

The last thing was a visit to The History of Science Centre, which presents all the theories, the foundations of scientific theories founded by the Arabs, as a building block for modern science.

Blog by Abir Al-Majrafi, Suha Al-Hinai, Ola Obyd, Shaima Al-saida and Asma Al-Harthi



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