Pitch training & visit Nama Water Services



Wetskills-Oman 2024 – Day 5 – Pitch training, Innovation round and field visit to Nama Water Services.

In 18th of January, the team has visited Oman Water and Wastewater Services Company (Nama Water Services) in Al Ansab, whereas the other teams were in SQU continuing their work.

The objective of this site visit is to know the journey of wastewater and the operations of the water sector to support and enable the future vision ‘Oman 2024’. Moreover, to know which stages produce CO2 and evaluate the amount of this emissions through stages.

Starting from tankers and distribution network, then screening, GRIT removal, aeration, using Main brains and then using the oxalic acid or chlorine, then to be used in irrigation, industrial reuse and agricultural reuse. The whole process has been seen through monitoring screens and the observation of the actual machinery. Big thanks to Said Al Asmi for his help.

Blog by Abir Al-Majrafi, Suha Al-Hinai, Ola Obyd, Shaima Al-Saida and Asma Al-Harthi.




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