Jordan Like I’ve Never Seen Before



Jordan, 13 August 2023 – by Saed Hanani, Palestine –

As the Public Relations Officer of the Arab Green Voices Network and a final-year student in Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering, I’ve had the privilege of visiting Jordan over 50 times. However, this recent trip, alongside the Wetskills, was an entirely different experience. Connecting with a diverse group of young people from various countries such as the Netherlands, Algeria, Kurdistan (Iraq), Oman, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt, was truly enlightening. Our shared interests brought us together, and each participant carried a wealth of experiences and insights.

Our journey commenced with a visit to Jordan, but this time, I was exploring it through the lens of a tourist. The next day marked the beginning of our training sessions. I got to know my exceptional team, and we hit the ground running. My aspiration is to find a solution that can create a positive impact. This challenge, the challenge that defines me, involves identifying ways to support outstanding projects and winners in the competition. It’s not just a challenge I’ve taken on; it’s a challenge that resonates with who I am. How can we assist remarkable projects and those that show promise? I’m currently working on two projects: Furange, which converts orange peels into environmentally-friendly clothing, and Olfa App, an electronic platform aiding expatriate, new, and prospective students in accessing essential services.

Challenges abound, not just for me but for all Arab entrepreneurs. However, if I can tackle these obstacles, it won’t be just the Wetskills and Arab youth Green Voices Network, winners I aid. My goal extends to assisting thousands of young Arab and international entrepreneurs in launching their innovative projects. In the end, I’m thrilled about the impending final event that will bring Wetskills together with the Arab Youth Green Voices Network. This event will gather youth from 12 Arab countries and the Netherlands. The enthusiasm is palpable, especially knowing that these exceptional young individuals will become part of our network. Together, we will work towards reshaping the reality in Arab countries.

This journey has already shown me Jordan from an unprecedented perspective, uniting me with fellow changemakers and entrepreneurs. As I stand at this juncture, I am resolute in my commitment to driving positive change, not just in Jordan but across the entire Arab world.

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