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Wetskills-USA 2023, by Ayman Kassem (World Waternet)

Today was snowing day in NYC, we move to south Africa embassy, the train was extremely busy we squeezing ourselves to fit in the train, thanks god we are still alive and do the security check every days not easy waiting for 15 min just to have a stickers no one ask us about it later it’s really crazy, but we appreciate that the south Africa embassy give us a place that we can do our activities, training,…

starting with brief introduction about the brain hurricane and prepare ourselves to have a meeting with the case owner and experts from different countries to have insights tip and tops, can help us to improve our ideas.

After we receiving all this information it’s good to smell fresh air or snow air actually.

We back with full energy to continue our working to summarize what we have and others doing what they plan, every group have his own action plan and try to finish the tasks for today because we don’t have enough time to finish our cases, but the team and myself trying to do some funny activities it’s needed just to break the routine and do some movements.









Back again and work on the case with some new idea and doing sketch help us to understand more than writing it.

We finish at 17:00 colleagues just leaving and other go for drink or food, for me I went with my colleagues to have the lunch, when we finish and the time now to do something no one like it (paying the bills) we saw something not normal the restaurant add 18% of the bills under gratuity and the cost rally was more than the meal.

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