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Wetskills-Iran 2016

Sharif University of Technology Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of)

Tehran-Iran, Minister of Environment and Infrastructure of Kingdom of The Netherlands, Ms. Schultz van Haegen announced and awarded the winning team of Wetskills-Iran. The Wetskills jury found that returning a flamingo to Lake Urmia to raise awareness on all kinds of levels in society (from primary schools to farmers to municipalities) was the idea worth awarding.

Wetskills-The Netherlands 2017

Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands

The fourth Wetskills edition in The Netherlands was a special one: A tour through the Dutch Delta. 23 participants of 10 different nationalities and 6 cases! Visit the page of this event!

Wetskills-Colombia 2018

Cartagena Cartagena, Colombia

The Wetskills Foundation invites Bachelor, Master, PhD students and recent graduates to apply for the Wetskills Water Challenge program in Colombia. This edition of Wetskills will take the participants to the gorgeous, historic Colombian port city of Cartagena for two weeks, visiting interesting and relevant water-related locations in and around Cartagena and having the finals and awarding during the yearly ACODAL congress. To all who are interested in water challenges and the ancient heritage of Colombia, this is your chance! Apply now for this unique opportunity to experience the very first Wetskills edition in South America!

Wetskills-Bangladesh 2019

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BUET Central Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh

For the first time ever, a Wetskills Water Challenge was organized in Bangladesh. Through cooperation with the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and the CORE project for Community Resilience for flood protection in urban delta areas, Wetskills was in Dhaka and Sirajganj with a programme from June 30 – July 12, 2019. Central theme: Flood resilience during the monsoon season. Winning team: Team Sanitation Stars, with their Gender-friendly Flood Proofing Sanitation System, focusing on community based resiliences.

Wetskills-México 2019

Universidad Panamericana Augusto Rodin 498, Ciudad de México, Mexico

Wetskills-Mexico 2019 was another great event! The participants were in Mexico City for a 2-weeks program with challenging cases, meetings with water-experts and visits to interesting water-related locations. The finals and awarding ceremony were during Aquatech-Mexico 2019.