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Wetskills-The Netherlands 2023

October 28, 2023 - November 9, 2023

About The Event

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Wetskills welcomes participants to The Netherlands!

Another Wetskills edition in The Netherlands, our Wetskills home base! This great event was aligned to the Amsterdam International Water Weeks (AIWW2023) and the Aquatech in Amsterdam (6-9 November 2023).

In this event we have 21 participants from 11 countries: Oman, Germany, Canada, Nigeria, Iran, Palestine, South Africa, Romania, Brazil, India and Iraq. So a great opportunity for intercultural and international networking!

Together we worked on challenging water, climate & sustainability issues. We visited the AIWW2023 Conference and the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition. All teams presented their ideas for an international jury panel and audience. Read on for more on this 9th Wetskills edition in The Netherlands!

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Joining this Wetskills Event – What do you get?

A unique learning experience where you will tackle real-life water challenges with your own team!
You will increase your skills in: international cooperation; problem solving, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary teamwork, networking and presenting (pitch & poster);
You will get the opportunity to connect with other international water students/young professionals;
You will visit the Wetskills finals and awarding at the Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech;
You will visit Amsterdam and surroundings: water-related, natural and cultural sites, and meetings with water experts;
You will learn, network and experience more about international and regional water challenges, the main stakeholders and organisations, contemporary issues and current business opportunities;
You will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the programme.

More information
Inge Muhlig, inge.muhlig@wetskills.com or Johan Oost, johan.oost@wetskills.com.

Finals & Awarding Ceremony

All teams did a great job, and presented their case with a poster and a pitch. The jury awarded TEAM 3 – Stakeholder Involvement in the Greater North Sea Basin – to be the winning team, congratulations!

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Event Cases

Wetskills Events Wave

Case 1: Spate Irrigation, pathway into the future 

Case owner: Meta Meta

Floods and sudden surges of water in rivers and streams can be disruptive and cause huge damage. But ‘spate irrigation’ is depending on such sudden surges, as it is all about the productive use of short, seasonal and relatively predictable floods. This age-old method of irrigation has been used for centuries, in many arid or semi-arid regions. In this Wetskills Challenge we invite you to develop pathways for spate irrigation: How can we re-value spate irrigation, ensuring that this ancient, climate-adaptive, and resilient method does not fade away? How can we champion this from local to global scale, safeguarding a crucial part of our heritage and sustainable future?

Case 2: The true value of (Waste)Water

Case owner: Waternet, Programme Circular Economy & Water System

Waternet wants to design a value case to ensure a continuous service provision of water to the companies of the port of Amsterdam. How can this be done in a such a way that social, environmental, and business needs are equally being taken into account, thereby contributing to a just transition? Building on available frameworks and international programmes, this local case study brings these conceptual works into action, as a means to valorize and further enhance a value-based approach to business development.

Pitch & poster

Pitch & poster

Case 3: Stakeholder Involvement in the Greater North Sea Basin

Case owner: Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management (The Netherlands)

Countries around the North Sea have set high ambitions for offshore wind developments, while there is also the need to counter biodiversity loss, strengthen the marine ecosystem, a sustainable fishery sector, and clean and safe shipping. All countries work together in the ‘Greater North Sea Basin Initiative’ to strengthen the international and cross-sectoral cooperation that is needed to reach these ambitions. This challenge is about Stakeholder Management: In the explorative phase, the focuss is on involving national governments and the European Commission. Next step is to find ways to effectively involve the (inter)national stakeholders of the North Sea, so that their expertise, knowledge and interests can be taken into account.

Case 4: Accelerating Gender Mainstreaming in the water domain

Case owner: International Centre for Water Security and Sustainable Management (i-WSSM) under the auspices of UNESCO

Women and girls are disproportionally exposed to water-related challenges such as waterborne diseases and limited access to water. On the other hand, in many developing countries, women and girls are key stakeholders to manage and conserve water resources at the local/community levels. Considering UNESCO’s Call for Action ‘Accelerating gender equality in the water domain’ – provide your thoughts on the following: Which are the most vulnerable regions? Which actions are needed to be implemented as a priority? In your thinking process, consider priority areas, action plans and recommendations by UNESCO and other UN organizations.

Case 5: Transformation of former port areas

Case owner: City of Rotterdam, Climate Adaptation Programme WeatherWise

This case study is a challenge for your creativity and imagination. You will explore innovative urban transformations in Hamburg, Copenhagen and Rotterdam, by re-imagining former port zones into sustainable, climate-resilient, and dynamic urban spaces. How can this be done? For this challenge, you will delve into multifaceted challenges and creative solutions, including climate adaptation, renewable energy integration, smart mobility and biodiversity enhancement, to offer  valuable insights for urban development worldwide.

Pitch & poster – winning team!

Pitch & poster

Pitch & poster

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October 28, 2023
November 9, 2023
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Stayokay, Amsterdam
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Amsterdam, Netherlands