Wetskills Alumni in Cape Town pitch at AfriAlliance Event



On 15 May 2019, two Wetskills Alumni of the Car Town event 2018, pitched their team solution to the audience of the 2nd AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event in Cape Town. Rosa Domingos (Department for Water and Sanitation) pitched the Lesotho case: creating win-win situations for transboundary cooperation, while Craig Tinashe (University of Cape Town) presented the editions’ winning case on Water Footprint of Cape Town: ‘Bye Day Zero’. Visit the event page of Wetskills-South Africa 2018.


In this AfriAlliance event the innovators had only 1 minute to pitch their solution. Rosa: ‘The pitches were prefect and we stuck to our 1 minute time frame. .. Overall AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event was a good session. I enjoyed the panel discussions with the audience, because they have an indepth view of what needs to be done to commercialise innovative technology‘ 


Looking to the reactions afterwards, our Wetskills Alumni did a great and satisfying job! Thanks!!

AfriAlliance and Wetskills signed an MoU to generate and align joint initiatives in order to create a community of Young Water Management professionals in Europe and Africa and also showcase local African case studies where international and local students can co-create solutions to local problems.

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