29.10.2015-Where is the sun?



by Lavinia Di Francesco

University of Brescia – CeTAmbLAB – Italy


Very long day. Outside the hostel the sun and we here inside working hard.

Some comparison between us, faces doubtful  and question marks that continue to occur constantly. Interesting is the fact that we are spending all this time together, we are forced to communicate and fortunately the multicultural exchange is always notable.

Colored note of the day was the Inge’s birthday. She reaches the age of  real “maturity”, and we celebrate with rips of toilet paper that tells our secrets.

Socializing with some glass of beer or soft drinks, gret! But also if they have created a joyful atmosphere, they have not managed to let us communicate in the same manner. Shyness, culture, history, tired … but some topics are always taboo.

It should not be a place like this perfect to discuss and learn about points of view ? Normally in our home we create story about something that we know just a little.

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