Adapting to Romanian lifestyle



Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 10th 

“What better way to reward ourselves than with a giant, hot bath?”


After an intensive first working day, the dust that was stirred up by the multiple brainstorms is slowly starting to settle down, but there is still no hot water in the dorms to shower it off. Contrasting to the first days, this morning there was enough water pouring down outside for the ones who were not brave enough to face the cold shower. And just for a moment there, it felt like we never left Holland.

We are all slowly starting to adapt to our new Romanian lifestyle in which we mingle with the Politehnica students, work together on our case studies, have fun, and answer any question which we do not know directly with ‘da’; concluding we are definitely turning somewhat Romanian!

Today was a little different from the rest of the days because due to all the hard work being delivered; we figured it was about time for a small break. What better way to take a break in the form of a giant, hot bath? So we planned to go a tropical paradise; Therme Bucuresti!

We made the planning to be there around 4 o ‘clock and around 2 o clock we were already getting really excited; if the malls are having rollercoasters, what surprises would the tropical baths hold for us? Once arrived we were not disappointed! We swam in the hot water, floated in pools as salty as the dead sea and drank beers inside the pools, an experience totally new for some of us (read me)! The park offered a relaxing experience but turned into an active one after we discovered there were water slides. Not regular water slides, but giant half pipe water slides which made grown-men scream like a little girls on the way down, I am not calling names, Ken and Joris. We enjoyed our drinks and dinner in the pool and before we knew it, the clock turned to 11 and we were heading home! To conclude; Thursday was a nice and productive day whilst we were also having fun; the thing wettskills is all about!`


By Siebren Wezenberg (Utrecht University)

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