Blog #18: Work, Work and more work



blog#21, 9 December – by Darpan Patel (IET-Ahmedabad University)

Work, Work and more work.

There are problems but I think there is solutions to every problem. Carrying this philosophy with me, I made an effort along with my other team members-Natasja, Vishnupriya, Amita and Maarten in wetskills program to deliver solution to enhance water quality. My team members are having different study backgrounds. We used talents of all and came up with idea of – Amrutam (means elixir and it is smart phone application) and sculpture.

It was nice experience working with all. I will wish to work with same team. And then came pre-presentation day (pre-judgment). I was not feeling too confident to present to others but thank God! , I had brilliant team members. I really enjoyed each moment. The moment after we finished our work was full of joy. Every one of us clapped with each other forming circle. It is going to be unforgettable time in chapter of my life.

More interesting part of the day was that we were awake till 2:00 o’clock in the morning. We were tired of working whole day. To have some refreshing sense we visited famous street food market – Manekchowk, Place in Ahmedabad at 11:00 pm in night. We were 3 person on 1 motor bike. It was really fun. Hope ride of life always goes on this way……….

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