Team 1: Hungry me at Surat



blog#13, 3 December (team 2) – by Deepanjali Patil (Silver Oak College of Ahmedabad)

My day started with delicious breakfast served by P P Sawani Kitchen with love.

After that, me along with my team, met few people in the campus and went for the visit to STP, Bamroli, Surat. I really enjoyed visiting well working plant and learnt many important things from Mr.Ketan Desai regarding the waste water treatment. We discussed the challenge with representatives of the plant in detail and left the premise. We were really hungry and hoping to have good food as Surat is known for the same. But, unfortunately we got our lunch by 5 PM. In the evening, we went to a “Garba Function” of community marriage which was organized by our host, P P Sawani. People over there were so crazy about foreigners who were with us. So, I literally enjoyed their enthusiasm, which was actually over enthusiasm, LOL.

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