Blog #19: Pre-final Day It Is



blog#19, 10 December – by Viraj Parekh (Silver Oak College of Engineering & Technology)

Oh! My day started with a shock, as I forgot my wallet and did not have money to pay to the tuk-tuk (Rickshaw) guy

So I called up my friend Deepanjali to come out and pay for me. As soon as I entered Seminar Room 5, all were working on the finalization of Poster and within few minutes we submitted ours, too. Then we had a presentation by Johan about “Cloud Transport”. It is about harvesting the dew and transports it through air to the dry areas. I found it interesting and we did few exercises on the same.

Wetskills - CloudTransport Wetskills - CloudTransport Wetskills - CloudTransport Wetskills - CloudTransport

Post lunch we worked on memo i.e. a word document explaining in detail about our case, challenge and possible solution. We had good wi-fi in the other room and we enjoyed that, too. It was a farewell dinner for all, so we had it along with some fun and chit chat with our Dutch friends. We bid farewell and excited for tomorrow to welcome few of them to our place as they will be leaving by Friday.

And a great day come to an end with the hope of beautiful tomorrow.


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