Blog #20: Pitching day and sweet goodbyes



blog#20, 11 December – by Iris van der Meer (Wageningen University & YEP)

And the winner is .. 

Group picture Wetskills-India 2015
Group picture Wetskills-India 2015


After a week full of excursions and brainstorm sessions on different locations, the second week we spent most of our time in the offices of CEE campus. All the hard work had to come together to finalise a poster and to prepare a catching pitch to sell the solutions of our case study. After a rather late night for some of us tuning the case pitches, Friday morning was the moment of truth. Everyone was smart looking, well prepared and perhaps slightly nervous for the presentations. All groups presented their challenge and solution to the five-member rather critical but sincere jury consisting of experts in the field. After the pitches, there was time to visit the posters of all groups and to receive more information about the proposed methods. Both the poster and the pitch influenced the decision of the jury to pick a winner… Group 1 from Surat! Congratulations to group 1 with their nice idea on water bottles.

Wetskills foto 1 Wetskills foto 2 Wetskills foto 3

After all the presentations, award session and group photos, it was already time to say goodbye to some of the participants since they had to catch their flight or were heading back to their homes in Ahmedabad. I think we all have had a great time in India with all the professional, cultural and social aspects included, and we had a lot of fun. One last riksja ride in Ahmedabad before the journey back to the Netherlands began.

Wetskills foto 4

Thanks everyone for an amazing experience and stay in touch!

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