Diamonds are forever!



blog#18, 4 December (team 1) – by Aneri Shah (School of building Science and Technology, CEPT University)

It was our second day at Surat. After a good night’s sleep, a great breakfast is all you need.

We were still unsure of the plans for the day when we walked towards the dining hall at around 9:40. The breakfast indeed was good. Around 10:20, Mr Swastik arrived. Machtelijn was feeling a bit unwell so she stayed back; Roy, Ruben, Deepanjali, Viraj and I left for the Diamond Factory along with Mr Swastik. It was an unusually amazing experience to see how the diamonds are designed, cut, cleaned and polished. Although it didn’t help with our case, all of us were more than happy to be there.

After the visit to the factory, we went back to the school campus that we were staying in, packed our stuff and left for another campus of the P. P. Savani group. We had delicious lunch there. They were really happy to have us. We left from there about 4:15 for Ahmedabad. Travelling is often tiring. Journey was much of just munching crisps and talking. We reached Ahmedabad around 9 but it took us a long time to get to our destination (CEE campus). Perhaps, flying from Surat would have been a good idea-I knew I should have packed a can of Redbull!

For me, The best part of the day was, well, definitely the diamond factory.



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