Introduction to CANVAS Business Model and Plan of Action



Thursday 1-June

by Precious Modise and Theasha Naidoo

| It was a refreshing start to the day, feeling the Durban sun on our skin after two wet days. We started off at EThekwini Headquarters in the heart of Durban, where we began our feedback sessions from our supervisors. This was an intimidating session after spending the last 2 days brainstorming with our teammates on our cases and this provided an opportunity to present our initial thoughts, ideas and action plan to the supervisors. However, we left the session feeling inspired and motivated to improve our solutions and to continue to think innovatively to solve some of the most challenging water problems being faced.

The Supervisors definitely took time to analyse the teams’ Plans of Action and gave critical insight and pointers to consider. One of the things that was brought to attention were the importance of identifying team member strengths and allocating roles accordingly to keep the train on path as we progressively push through the remaining Wetskills duration.

Another highlight of the day was the training session on the CANVAS business model. This proved to be valuable in helping us to solidify our solutions and identify some key areas for consideration to ascertain the viability of our various solutions and map out a practical approach to their implementation. The concept of the CANVAS business model assisted greatly in understanding the “why” of each solution, the “how” and “who” that would ensure its success.  The teams were afforded the time to keep crunching at their respective cases and continue challenging some of the basic, advanced and widely used principles as it pertains to their cases.

Innovation in approach was the served meal for the day.

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