As we approach deadline day, battle lines are drawn



Monday 5-June

By Azhar Ismail and Retselisitsoe Letseka

As the new week begins, the atmosphere changed and we are into the last push of preparations for the pitch; tensions are high and fatigue starts kicking in. The day started with much critique coming from our Wetskills supervisors. Considering their feedback, final adjustments were made to our pitches and posters, and now groups are busy alter and finalizing their pre submissions. 

While the other groups are working at EThekwini Water and Sanitation offices across town, Group 6 is on the other side of town gathering more data and conceptualizing their area of study to see how their innovation would fit in. The tour gives the team a sharper view and a better perspective on how their suggested solution would operate in such circumstances.

The finals are approaching without mercy and we can feel the tension in the air. The conference room rises with intense temperature as we continue to push through. Looking around, we see flustered faces and tired eyes but our desire to execute is exceptional. We believe the bonds formed during our time together will last a lifetime. And, after a long day, the supervisors set up on the main house for the Crazy 88 team building activity outcomes.

Teams show off their teamwork and how many items they were able to cross off the Crazy 88 list. There is noise in the room; teams are battling over which images should be used for the specified things. When the scores are tallied, there is laughter and tension as teams throw barbs at other groups for their efforts. After a lengthy fun and hectic night of commotion, team 3 emerges as the night’s victor after demonstrating incredibly imaginative ways of crossing items off the list and their bond as a team.

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