A demanding day for participants



Wednesday 31-May

by Onke Mtini and Gijs van den Munckhof

| The 31 st May 2023 in the morning the air was refreshing and cool, and you could feel the humidity on your skin. The sounds of raindrops tapping on windows, roofs, and leaves created a soothing melody that calmed our mind and relaxed our bodies. The scent of wet earth and grass was carried on the breeze, The colours of nature appeared more vibrant, and the greens of the trees, bushes, and grass seemed to come alive. The rain felt like a gentle caress that nourishes and rejuvenates the earth, and you could help but feel a sense of peacefulness and contentment as you witness the beautiful symphony of nature. This were the highlights of Durban’s weather for the day.

We visited the eThekwini water and sanitation municipality head office. We were warmly welcomed by them. The day started with training provided by Craig on Action plans and Belbin team roles. The training was helpful especially for our group as it gave us a map on how to tackle the cases that were provided on the first day on the 29 th of May 2023. In addition, the action plan will be our guide as we have to come up with solutions to the cases in just a week.

We were served a pleasant snack and delicious lunch, the teams than begun working on their action plans that were due that afternoon. Tomorrow we will receive feedback on the action plans from our supervisors.

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