Wet inauguration of Wetskills Bangladesh



By Tanvir Arafat


Nature tried to harmonize with the nomenclature as Heavens were open to welcome Wetskills Bangladesh.


After the formal introductions, it was time for a get to know phase which came out to be truly charming. We formed a line based on our height followed by a random photo selection session where everyone had to pick and describe their chosen one.


After lunch, we took “Tuktuk” which is a 3-wheeler passenger vehicle to visit HBRI (House and Building Research Institute) at Darussalam.



We visited the “Floating house” and “Lift house” which is made of polystyrene and bamboo respectively. We were also informed of their sustainability in adverse conditions. Then rain arrived again with lightning to make the Wetskills team wet. When we were waiting for clear sky, some local child made our time enjoyable by doing some childish things. It took a little while to stop raining and we had the opportunity to walk back from there. The muddy track didn’t like discrimination of our shoes and tried its’ best to make everyones’ similar.


Then we had to deal with heavy traffic on our way to Babu Bazar bridge over the Buriganga river. The scenic beauty of sunset was worth the effort though.

Finally, it was time for dinner and we started for a buffet restaurant at Dhanmondi. The never ending traffic jam along with scattered rain hurt us enough to raise our appetite.

It was undoubtedly an energetic day to start with and we all are eagerly waiting for the challenges ahead.



Photos by Nynke Schaap

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