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Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 5th 


“We stayed together on the porch having drinks, playing games, listening to music and telling stories about ourselves. I enjoyed it a lot!”

At 8 :30 AM I met all students involved in this project. While we were waiting for the bus, I was glad to speak with every student and have a cup of coffee. After we left for our journey we had a good time in bus. First part of the road was on a highway. We stopped at the wastewater treatment plant in Pitesti. There was a nice blond woman who showed us around. She works in the management department and told us how the plant was rehabilitated and upgraded. We started the tour at the dirty water intake and rain that came from the sewerage network, which is stored in a huge tank. From here we saw the subsequent treatment step in which they remove sediments and fat in the same tank, using two way driven bridge scraper. After that we saw the biological processing step and where they store the mud. It smelled quite bad. That was not a problem for our tour.

We then went to the houses where they make their own energy and heating for buildings and some of the processes. In the end but not at the very last we entered the laboratory. Where the monitoring occurs and testing of water samples, to be sure that the whole process is 100% good. Before hopping on the bus, we received a souvenir bag from the company.

The tour of the wastewater treatment plant was nice and very informing. After this amount of knowledge, we were at Club 32 to eat lunch. We sat at a big table and explained the menu and every specific dish. It was also a good time to share cultural information from where we come and how we became friends. After a great lunch we headed for Curtea de Arges. We visited a great monastery. A priest guided us through this beautiful garden. The monastery has a unique design with influences from persian, georgian, armenian and arabic culture processed in the arts and architecture. Also, the very big structure is made out of big stone blocks and the foundation is made from many layers that protect the building from earthquakes or sinking itself. It is an impressive construction that was made in 1515-1517. Here in the garden we have this huge opportunity to enter in a special building room, where the legend of Manole the architect was painted on the walls. After this great time, the weather got worse. A heavy rainstorm followed, but despite the bad weather we were able to see the wonderful view of Romanian mountains from inside the bus and we went straight to Bella Vista villa. Here we got into our rooms, then got a good meal. After, we stayed together on the porch having drinks, playing games, listening to music and telling stories about ourselves. It was a very good day and I enjoyed it a lot!



By Sefu Stefan Mihai (Politehnica University of Bucharest)

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