First day of the ExpoApa



Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 15th 

“Drinks and snacks at the Dutch Pavilion”

Today,   Monday,   May   15th  2017, my colleagues and me from Wetskills team visited the largest Water technology conference in Europe, called: ExpoApa. It was hosted at the Parliament’s Palace, an immensely huge building; the second largest administration building after the Pentagon in Washington.

We were all dressed up. Hair, make-up, heels, dresses, suits, ties, formal shoes: it was so nice to see each other dressed so smart for this conference. The event is open to all specialists in water since water resource managers, operators of water supply and sewerage and not least the general public are interested in improving the performance of technical and managerial sector. During the exhibition specialized suppliers of equipment and technologies dedicated to water were able to inform users face to face (operators of services of water supply and sanitation) and were able to effectively to promote their latest products.


Throughout the day we visited the participating stands at the event and we talked to people who are interested in our project. I attended the opening forum and visited and enjoyed various presentations, which informed me of innovations in the water sector.


Also, I found it pleasant to talk with people and convince them to participate the photography contest organized by ARA Young Water Professionals. What does this contest mean? Well, it is about any person who wants to send a photo to fit into one of the three categories: (technical, artistic or popular).

Then, by the end of the day, me and my team made some rehearsals for the presentation and we ended the day with smiles and joy.


At 17:00h we ended our stay at the ExpoApa with drinks and snacks at the Dutch Pavilion. Here we met new people and got the chance to expand our network with Dutch experts and professionals.


Sofroniei Anamaria Teodora (UTCB)

Daniela Radu (UTCB)

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